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Tourism in Southern Circuit of Tanzania is comprised of Morogoro, Iringa, Njombe, Ruvuma, Mbeya, Songwe, Rukwa and Katavi regions. The region has a vast endowment of tourism assets which includes National parks, reserves, cultural and historical attractions. In Southern Circuit Tourist can carry out active travel, practices culture and heritage, water sports, play various games including golf, attend events and festival and perform special interest.  

In Active Travel, What to do

Visitors climbs Mountain in Udzungwa National park, Iringa town, Njombe town and Mbeya town. Walking safari is conducted in Ruaha, Kitulo, Katavi, Mikumi and Udzungwa National park. Southern circuit has amazing landscapes in all eight regions where tourist experience physical exercises including biking, hiking, trekking, running and jumping. Come and experience how it feels to be on adventure of the real southern circuit compared to other part of the word.

The Practices Culture and Heritage

Tanzania is home to 121 different tribes with unique cultures. Among these tribes more than 30 come from the eight regions found in Southern Circuit having different cultures and heritage. These tribes to mention few include Sangu, Bena, Ngoni, Hehe, Kinga, Nyakyusa, Ndendeule, Fipa, Pangwa, Matengo, Kisi, Yao. The people have traditional ways of life and culture that includes traditional dancing, language, traditional food and traditional means of solving problems.  Visiting the southern circuit is a new experience to tourists.

Water Sports

Southern circuit have wide variety of water bodies including lakes Nyasa, Lake Tanmganyika, Lake Rukwa, Lake Ngosi, Lake Ngwazi, Mtera dam. Also, the area comprises great rivers such as Ruaha, Rufiji, Kalambo, Ruvuma, Ruhuhu, Kilombero, Ruhuji, Kimani. These water bodies offer you the perfect opportunity for both motorized and non-motorized water sports. Activities such as boat safaris, canoeing, spot fishing and diving can be performed.  If you prefer the allure of water to dry land, on your holiday Southern circuit has a good mixture of over and under water activities you could dive into.

Play Various Games including Golf

Southern circuit weather is ideal for golf all year round. Golf is undoubtedly one of the world’s best travelling sports. Golf offers the chance to relax and unwind in a natural environment while participating in a highly competitive and skilled game. For the traveler seeking a diverse range of golf courses, Southern circuit is the perfect choice. The golf grounds are found in Mafinga and Mbeya which have the best facilities and high quality service.  Tourist and travelers are warmly welcomed.

Attend Events and Festival

The merry characteristics of people in Southern circuit can simply be described as happy. They like to celebrate and have fun. There are various festivals such as the Majimaji festival, Mkwawa Festival, Katibu Kusini festival, Dr Tulia festival, Kimondo festival, etc. These events feature our vibrant culture, our heritage and most importantly our pride. Come engage in different events and festivals from village level that brings life to the streets of hosting cities and towns.

Perform Special Interest 

Southern circuit is a treasure chest for special interest tours. Special interest holidays are a great way to discover new aspects of a favorite topic of interest you have. Whether you are an game viewers, bird watcher, agro tourism, forest tourism, insects tourism, geopark tourism, love film and photography, like to reminisce in history through battlefield tours or high altitude training excite;  Come to southern circuit is your most preferred destination.